Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa strongly believes in staying connected with other colleges and thereby nurture deeper bonds with them. There is always a great learning experience and through mutual collaboration or partnership, it cements the bond further.
16 M COM students from Naipunnya College, Kerala visited CIM, Lavasa from Monday, 12th to Thursday, 15th November 2018 under the aegis of Campus Connect program. During a period of four days they interacted with students and faculty members of CIM, Lavasa.

On 12th November 2018 Dr.Fr. Arun Antony welcomed the delegates in the Smart Room and greeted them warmly. Fr Arun wished them to be interactive and enjoy every activity that was specially designed for them. The academic session began with a lesson about Excel in Finance by Assistant Professor Soumya V. It was quite erudite and Ms Soumya explained the details in a systematic way for the general understanding of the students.
Then the students from Naipunnya College, Kerala ga…


India is a land of unity in diversity and Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa is a prefect representation of such an amalgamation because students hail from all over India. The learners from different regions, study and work in close coordination with each other. Such ethnic diversity adds an element of richness to our society and it also teaches students to be tolerant and appreciative of other person’s culture. India is known for its rich cultural history, and the unique bond that binds our country is our ability to accept and appreciate a multicultural society.

`Ethnic Day’ is a much sought after event at CIM as the students eagerly look forward to display their distinct culture and tradition and celebrate our legacy. It was celebrated in its true spirit on Saturday, 3rd November 2018.

The event began in a traditional style as musicians played Chanda, a cylindrical percussion used widely in some parts of South India. The drum beats were in sync and created an atmosphere of welcomi…


Someone has rightly said that sharing the same vibes can instantly connect a large number of people simultaneously. In continuation with the concept of `Better Lives, Better Vibes’ Sushmita Sakhamuri anchored an interesting program today, Saturday, 3rd November 2018 in the amphitheater.

Akhil Shukla had everyone in splits when he narrated some random personal anecdotes and everyone listened to him in rapt attention. Just when everyone is deeply engrossed in studies, preparations are going on for the upcoming exams, students are verifying notes and clarifying doubts, such an event comes as a much needed break. Akhil was amusing, natural, and spontaneous as the episodes were directly connected to the college life so everyone was able to identify with what he said. Akhil’s animated version of his humorous experiences was quite interesting.

The audience clapped and cheered for him and could easily identify with the incidences. The standup comedy was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and one co…


The students of Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa returned back to the campus, a home away from home, after a short break. It was a pleasure to see them back on the campus on 29th October 2018 with bright shining faces, beaming smile and a promise to themselves that they will make the most of their remaining stay at CIM. Director, Fr Jossy George, Academic Coordinator, Fr Arun and the faculty members welcomed the students warmly and assured them of their whole hearted support in shaping their future.

A break in the middle of the session is always welcomed as it refreshes them. It gives them time for self- introspection, assess their performance till date, think of ways and means of improving themselves, tap their hidden potential and above all it instils in them a faith that they have the backing of their faculty members in fulfilling their cherished dreams. Apart from this it nurtures and strengthens the bond with their family members a while they spend quality time with them.


Autumn has just set in and it teaches us that change is always for good. Today is the last working day before the students of Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa go home and relish valuable time with family and friends. The students and faculty members are highly excited about it. It is a time to recoup, recharge, rejuvenate, revitalize and get a new lease on life as they come back to the college with renewed energy.

This break is also a time for quiet contemplation as each student and faculty member ponders over the lessons learnt in the time spent till now. A time to think of new strategies to be more effective and work hard to fulfil the desired goals. The short break will give ample opportunities as they unwind with family and friends to delve deep into the purpose of life and their role as a student, friend, confidant, mentor, guide and much more beyond the realms of academics.

CIM Wishes Everyone Happy Holidays!


By T A Lakshmi Analjit, Karishma, Tharun, Anandhu, Lakshmi, Elvis and Jeswin from Christ institute of Management, Lavasa, organized a social awareness campaign "Beti bachao, Beti Padhao" on 12th October 2018.
Propagating for a genuine social cause has always been very close to each Christite. The current trend in the country is making every possible effort to bring about an awareness concerning saving a girl child.

Few years ago, there was a massive reduction in the number of women as compared to men. It was chiefly because of an increase in crime against women be it female feticide, dowry death, rape, illiteracy, gender discrimination and much more. To equalize the number of women in the society, it is absolutely necessary to let people become aware about the need and necessity to save a girl child.

Government of India has taken some positive and effective steps in this regard in the form protection of women from domestic violence act 2005, ban of female infanticide, immoral tr…


The first phase of Digital Marketing (Marketing Minor subject) classes commenced on Wednesday, 10th October 2018 and concluded on Saturday, 13th October 2018. The classes were held daily from 2. 30 pm to 6.30 pm in the college. Mr Kirubakar, an alumnus of Christ University, Bengaluru took these classes for four days.

The course mainly focused on details pertaining to marketing in the digital age. The nuances of digital marketing were discussed in great details with real time examples. Mr Kirubakar has designed the modules for this 15 hour long course in such a way that the students of Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa get practical hands on experience apart from mandatory theory lessons.

All the students were divided into nine groups and each group comprised of around six to seven students. They got an opportunity to work on nine different brands. It was an application of real world scenario and they had to think of tangible solution to the problems. The exercise gave them a chance…