“Connect Over Coffee”
On Monday, 17th September 2018 “Connect Over Coffee.” was launched. The Vision was “to improve individual knowledge horizon and learn from others experiences”. It is an open platform to share individual thoughts, experiences and the sole aim is to build a team of energetic youth who are eager to improve their communication skills and knowledge through cross learning. There was an interactive quiz at the amphitheatre in the morning as an ice breaker. The audience was asked to guess the taglines of various famous coffee brands and were suitably rewarded. Ramraj G, Bhavishya Sajith and Smirthi Radhakrishnan anchored the entire event. The formal event took place in the afternoon in the Smart Room. The inaugural speech was given by Coordinator, Father Arun Antony as he launched the logo. Fr Arun was appreciative of the project and gave his best wishes for the success of this maiden venture at Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa. The first interesting activity was enti…


Reach Out And Touch People’s Lives
An interactive session was conducted by MENTORING AND COUNSELLING SERVICES (MACS) at Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa on 14th and 15th September 2018 for PGDM2 students. A team led by Professor Noel from Christ University, Bengaluru coordinated the workshop. It features ways and means of “Touching Lives”. The workshop began with Coordinator, Fr Arun Antony’s address. Fr Arun said that it was slightly different from a regular class. He motivated the students to reflect a little more on core moral values as they are being prepared to work as business leaders in the corporate world. These values will empower them to sustain success in the corporate sector.
Professor Noel thanked Director, Fr Jossy P George and Coordinator, Fr Arun profusely for their whole hearted cooperation, encouragement and inspiration. The anchors were overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape and intend to touch the lives of the students of Christ Institute of Mangement, Lav…



Facilitation Skill Certification Program
Ms Arpita Ghosh, Counsellor at Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa attended a `Facilitation Skill Certification Program’ on 7th and 8th September 2018 at Mumbai. It was conducted by facilitator, Bharati Dekate of WeAreIdeas Consultancy in association with 3M.
Ms Arpita learnt about Facilitation as a tool to make learning easy and to arrive at a consensus in an amicable way in large organizations or groups using various facilitation tools. She was briefed in detail about Facilitation as a process that trainers, team builders, meeting leaders, managers, and communicators use to add content, process, and structure to meet the needs of an individual, group, or team.
The interactive sessions included several tools such as `Ladder of Participation’ which can be effectively used in performance appraisal and relationship counselling. She was impressed by `Wall of Wonder’ which is a historical scan and can be used for futuristic vision planning, trends…