A corporate talk with young Christites by Dr Nirav J. Desai

Dr Nirav J. Desai, Director, Cybernetik Technologies P Ltd, Pune was on the campus of Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa to give a corporate talk to young Christies on 13th July 2018.

Dr Desai did B.Tech (1978) from IIT Chennai, M.S. (1980) and Ph.D.(1983) from SUNY – Buffalo. He has 6 years of teaching experience in USA / Australia and 24 years of industry experience in India / USA / Australia. He has been in the field of process design and automation in powder and material handling systems for decades.

Cybernetik Technologies P Ltd, Pune is a global Indian company providing automation solutions for the agro process, food, automotive and environment sectors. It has proven capable of handling automation, pneumatic, servo systems, robotics and supervisory controls. It deals with major pharmaceutical companies.

Dr Nirav J. Desai narrated personal anecdotes which revolved around his dream to build equipment of high standard. He considers himself to be basically an engineer but not into …

Futsal Finals

The much sought after final round of Futsal 2018 began with a lot of zeal and zest on 14th July 2018 in the evening. It was delightful to see the healthy spirit of competition that prevailed among the teams. The finalists were Knights vs Spartans in Girls' category, Vikings A vs Samurais B  in Boys' category and Knights vs Vikings in Mixed group.

The spectators witnessed an engrossing match, wherein all the teams exhibited with great finesse, the nuances of the game. Each team played with dignity, determination and gave their best to defeat the opponent team. The teams got into a defensive mood to clinch the coveted title especially during the last few moments. Loud cheer by an enthusiastic crowd gave a befitting start to the exciting match while it drizzled on the field. The exciting match was watched with great enthusiasm. It was a delight to watch the teams formulate serious strategies to win the match. Good coordination was noticed between the players much to everyone’s deli…

CIMA Futsal 2018

As part of CIMA the much awaited Futsal tournament began with gusto on 11th July 2018 in the evening. Four clans competed for the coveted title. The warring clans were Samurais, Spartans, knights and the Vikings. Each clan comprised of four teams wherein two teams were for the boys, one for girls and one was a mixed team.

Futsal is the miniature version of football and seven members comprise of a team; 4 members play at a time whereas 3 are reserved as substitutes. The highlight of this exciting game is that it lasts for just 20 minutes and the players are restricted from using the portion above the knee.

The mild to heavy drizzle in the mini amphitheater was jam-packed with cheering squads. The live action was witnessed by enthusiastic spectators as the teams played with great zeal. One could catch a glimpse of defense techniques which were visibly inspired by the ongoing World Cup.

The elimination rounds began when Fr Arun declared the match open with the first kick and it was followed…


On 29 June 2018, Mr. Prasad Balakrishnan, Head of Research and Development visited Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa to share his insights and experiences with students.

Mr. Balakrishnan spoke on various topics including life, careers and supercomputers, all of which had students completely hanging by his every word. From humble beginnings to creating a successful career, his unique approach towards life and work as well as his whole attitude mesmerized the audience and captivated them so much so that the audience wanted to prolong the talk.

Passion towards life and enjoying what one does in order to create success is something that Mr. Balakrishnan paid key emphasis to. His simple conversational style, along with his in-depth knowledge in various areas of business clearly highlighted to students the importance of bringing desire alongside hard work to achieve their goals and dreams.

Mr. Balakrishnan also spoke on evolving career roles involving coding and supercomputers, and ho…

Mr. Hitesh Sood, VP and Marketing Head, Idea Cellular Visits Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa

Mr. Hitesh Sood, a seasoned marketer with immense experience in B2B and B2C businesses visited Christ Institute of Management Lavasa on 30 June 2018 to discuss digitization in the modern business world, and how disruption is leading to the creation of new business models.

He stressed on the fact that digital marketing is a giant that needs to be recognized, and taking business to the Internet is key to success for any corporate enterprise. To emphasize this point, he discussed the example of how Blockbuster Video, once recognized as the biggest brand for movies and television show rentals, sank to the ground due to not keeping in line with identifying and acting upon digital opportunities.

Mr. Sood shared his insights on how at one point, when Netflix was just a start up and wanted to work in collaboration with Blockbuster, the latter would not entertain their offer. As a result of hubris and lack of foresight, Blockbuster failed to understand the scope and importance of digitization…

Faculty Development Program at CIM

9th July 2018 marked the beginning of a Faculty Development Program at Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa. The eventful 7 day program by AICTE will be held from 9th to 15th July 2018.

The induction program, which was held for 3 days earlier, was a prelude to this program. The sole purpose of this program will be to discuss strategies pertaining to Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. The participants from various engineering and business colleges in Maharashtra will attend interactive sessions related to these fields.

Christ Institute of Management offers a conducive atmosphere to education which will in turn make learning a pleasure.
The inaugural ceremony began with the lighting of lamp by Director, Fr Jossy and selected senior faculty members. The participants were briefed about the mandatory rules related to the program.

In his welcome address Director, CIM welcomed the teams and reiterated the fact that the success of the induction program lead to the f…


Each year a new batch of emerging management talent join Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa. To welcome new comers and make them feel at home and one among the family as Christites, the senior’s batch of 2017-2019 arranged Back-to-School 2018, a lovely event where new students show off their talent in the areas of dance and song, alongside Mr. and Ms. Fresher Competition. On 30 June 2018, the Senior’s batch of 2017-2019 organised Fresher’s Day titled ‘Back-to-School” with the theme –SUPERHEROS AND SUPERPOWERS. Students looked their dapper best and walked the ramp.  Students turned up in their fashionable best, and were divided into superhero teams of Avengers, Justice League, X-men and Teen Titans. 
It was a sight to watch students engaging with their seniors, dancing, getting creative and convincing them to join their team. Teams were then set upon a treasure hunt, with hints to find treasures across different parts of Lavasa, in an effort to familiarize new students with import…