On 3rd and 4th March 2018, faculty members from the Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa conducted a two-day career counselling workshop in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The workshop titled “Game of Careers” has in the past received many accolades when conducted in the cities of Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore, and the response from Indore was equally as impressive.

The Game of Careers workshop is organised by expert academic and industry members of the Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa with the aim to orient youth seeking careers in management on principles of modern management and business analytics. The workshop addresses the changing needs of organisations and expectations from management in the present and future industry scenario.

Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa is an Institute for enhanced learning with a focus on experiential and pragmatic teaching of modern management principles, where academics and industry professionals come together to engage young minds who aspire to reach the pinnacle of the business world. It is also fast becoming one of the leading business schools in India.  

Business analytics is one of the fastest growing and high demand career options in 2018. In a recent report, Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, has stated that the Business Intelligence market is growing by leaps and bounds and is expected to grow to over approximately $21 billion. Leading companies like Google, IBM, Adobe, Microsoft among others are on a hiring spree, and good talent with high qualifications earn a pretty penny, sometimes in the range of Rs. 10 lacs plus.

The workshop begun with students participating in a unique survey that then provides an indicator as to how their personality types play an important role in the selection of their career. Students are then shown how they can map careers in relation to personality types and also counselled on other factors and areas of management that are considered important by top companies. Aside from this, students are also provided digital certificates for successfully completing the workshop that they can then share on platforms such as email, Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp.

Professors Shyam Nair and Binu Paul, workshop trainers for the Game of Careers provide insightful analysis on emerging opportunities in the workplace and the importance of business analytics in management respectively. Prof. Shyam Nair, an experienced strategic marketing professional trains participants on opportunity identification in careers, preparing successful career-maps and prepare a learning plan to stay abreast of industry changes and improve skills.

Dr. Binu Paul, a PhD in Economics and Head of the Business Analytics program guides students through a highly insightful session on the role and impact of analytics in companies, with focus on statistics, fundamental coding practices and client management, closing with a quick game on how to use data to provide theoretical direction on how to use simple statistical and analytics tools to understand and predict stock market trade indications. While these types of predictions are only indicative and by no means absolute, nonetheless it had the students enthralled on the potential opportunities for business analytics in various fields.

Thus ensued a highly engaging discussion on management and analytics that engaged the trainers and participants alike. Due to a tight workshop schedule, the trainers had to soon end to discussion, much to the displeasure of the participants.

The workshop also received response from the local press, with print coverage across approximately 25 newspapers and five television news channels.

Due to the impressive response and demand, the Institute is conducting further workshops in Indore in the coming week of 12-17 March 2018.

Should any individual or organisation wish to conduct the Game of Careers workshop in their city or college, kindly write to or call on 1800 123 2009 (TOLL FREE)


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